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The Eastern Pennsylvania Propane School Bus Conversion Initiative

Impact Overview

Number of Vehicles Converted:  50

Petroleum Displacement:  153,239 gal per year
Greenhouse Gas Reduction: 249 tons per year

Project Description

The Eastern Pennsylvania Propane School Bus Conversion Initiative seeks to help 6 counties in Eastern Pennsylvania, utilize 50 new school buses that run on propane. The goals and the objectives of the project are to provide air quality benefits to school children who ride these buses and fuel cost savings to those districts who utilize propane to replace diesel in their vehicles. This project will be an aggregated project with 2 private bus companies and 2 school districts brought together by The Greater Philadelphia Clean Cities Program (GPCCP).
The project partners include G. Davis Inc. located in Shohola PA; North Pocono Bus Company located in Springbrook Township PA; Norristown Area School District located in Norristown PA and Radnor Township School District located in Wayne PA.
G. Davis Inc., is a primary bus contractor for Pike; Luzerne and Wayne Counties, they are asking for 34 total buses over the 18 month project period. They currently operate 40 buses and transport 7000 children per year.
North Pocono Bus Company services Lackawanna County and are asking for 2 buses. They currently operate 20 buses and transport 600 children per year.
Norristown Area School District located in Montgomery County is asking for 6 buses, they currently have a fleet of 17 buses and transport 6,636 students yearly.
Radnor Township School District located in Delaware County is seeking 8 buses, they currently operate 62 school buses and transport 4,400 students yearly.
The project will utilize Blue Bird Propane Powered Vision Type C next generation model developed by Blue Bird and Roush CleanTech. This model # BBCV7200S is built on a Blue Bird chassis with a Ford 6.8-liter engine, offers 362 horsepower, 457 pounds of torque, and seating for up to 77 passengers.
Our project is poised to displace 153,239 gallons of diesel per year which equates to 612,956 gallons for the 4 years required for this project.  Our project will reduce Green House Gas emissions by 249 tons per year equating to 996 tons of GHG reduced for the 4 years required by the project and extending that even further to 2,988 tons for the average 12 year life of a school bus. One of the most important statistics for replacing diesel fuel with propane is the reduction in carcinogenic particulate matter.

Propane is a unique fuel where infrastructure is relatively inexpensive. 3 of the partners will utilize a mobile delivery service. While the largest partner recipient G. Davis Inc. has an agreement with a propane supplier to have 2 onsite fueling storage and dispensers built at 2 separate locations. This project will not include any refueling that is available to the public at this time. This low cost fueling solution will stimulate the local economies by utilizing local propane dealers to service the buses.

Current conditions with assumptions noted, demonstrate the payback with the $5,000.00 per vehicle state AFIG to breakeven at less than one year. The assumption is that each entity keeps the vehicle for 12 years, which will have a positive return from fuel savings of $57,725.00 per vehicle over the vehicle’s life. Totaling the numbers, this project will save $2,886,250.00 in fuel cost and maintenance at current pricing and assumptions over the next 12 years. This savings will be directly reinvested within The Commonwealth by having school districts re-purpose the savings from using a cheaper fuel.
The Roush/ Blue Bird Propane system has both EPA and CARB certification. The certificates are attached as an appendix to this proposal.
The incremental cost per bus is $10,000.00, our application is asking for 50% of that cost or $5,000.00 per vehicle, multiplied by 50 vehicles equals $250,000.00 total ask.
The benefits of The Eastern Pennsylvania Propane School Bus Conversion Initiative will have an immediate impact for the students and people of eastern Pennsylvania. Placing 50 propane powered buses in service can be powerful public relations tool as well as providing particulate matter free exhaust to the students who ride them. The nearly 19,000 children that ride the buses in the 6 eastern Pennsylvania’s counties coupled with the promotional wraps placed on these buses are sure to help spur interest in alternative fuels. We believe that all alternative fuels are the solution to freeing our dependence on imported petroleum, energy security and environmental stewardship. Our project provides over a 95% cost share ratio to dollars being asked for, showing a commitment by all project partners to the importance and potential significant impact that this project will serve all of Pennsylvanians.


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