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The Southeastern PA CNG Vehicle Conversion Initiative

Impact Overview

Number of Vehicles Converted:  31

Petroleum Displacement:  151,000 gal per year
Greenhouse Gas Reduction: 665 tons per year

Project Partners

Sunoco Wawa PECO AAA Shearon Design

Current Progress

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Project Description

The Southeastern PA CNG Vehicle Conversion Initiative seeks to spur the acceptance of utilizing natural gas as a vehicle fuel that will replace gasoline and diesel. Our 5 project partner's include 2 of Pennsylvania's largest petroleum marketers, Sunoco and Wawa, with their initial foray into converting their own fleet to CNG; PECO, our local utility which has re-entered the CNG vehicle conversion market after a 5 year hiatus; AAA who has entered the CNG conversion market within the past year and a private partner, Shearon Design, located in Plymouth Meeting who will begin converting their fleet of close to two-hundred vehicles with a successful application.

This project will introduce CNG to southeastern PA by showcasing some of the region’s most recognizable companies and their own fleets utilizing CNG as a motor fuel. The strength of this application comes from the commitment by all project partners, even business competitors, to utilizing PA’s abundance of natural gas. The aggregation of all of our partners into a single application will promote the acceptance and new opportunities possible when businesses of all types support natural gas as a conventional motor fuel.

The Southeastern PA CNG Vehicle Conversion Initiative’s combined petroleum displacement is more than 151,000 gallons of gasoline per year, which equates to more than 665 tons reduction of Greenhouse Gas emissions per year. The combined 31 new vehicles purchased from this project will be a catalyst for the partners to begin converting close to 2,500 total vehicles in their respective fleets.  The vehicles that are being purchased range from a bi-fuel Ford F-150 to a dedicated CNG F-450, that are all EPA certified.  The complete visibility combined with the outreach these public, private and utility fleets showcase on a daily basis will likely have impacts far beyond this project’s partnering companies.

In our proposal, we will utilize an existing CNG station located at the PECO service Center at 680 Ridge Pike, Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462.  This station has been in existence for more than 20 years. Recently PECO contracted an outside station developer Clean Energy to upgrade, finance, and maintain this station.  The new station will have more than 140 gallons of storage, with twin 200hp engines, which dispenses at a rate of 7.6 GGE’s per minute. This is sufficient capacity to handle the vehicle refilling requirements this proposal.  This is a publicly accessible station that will be open 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. Ease of access to this station is similar to a regular fueling station; there will be 2 dispensers with 2 hose’s each, for ease of use. The payments can be made with any major credit, fleet cards or Clean Energy® cards.

The Southeastern PA CNG Vehicle Conversion Initiative's overarching goals are to spur the usage of our states natural gas resources within the transportation sector.  This project’s partners are dedicated to helping, by introducing CNG into their fleets, shows not only the commitment needed to make this a success, but it demonstrates how every business type can show a payback by doing so.  This project is important to the region by presenting petroleum marketers who have long resisted alternatives to gasoline and diesel, have come full circle and are now willing to show that natural gas is a viable; plentiful; proven fuel to utilize even in their own fleet of vehicles.


Sustaining Level Stakeholders

AQUA America  Clean Citiesdvrpc  Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce 
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