Eastern Pennsylvania
Alliance for Clean Transportation

A member of the US DOE’s Clean Cities Program


Our success in achieving our projected goals can be measured by both our past and present projects.  Our projects exemplify our commitment to our stakeholders, our environment and our mission.

Current Projects

Our ability to aggregate many types of companies with a common goal of petroleum reduction is reflected in our projects.  The various types of fleets considering alternatives fuel vehicles, shows the invaluable role EP-ACT plays in the region.

Read about our Current Projects

Case Studies and Workshops

With a history of over 21 years of success in and around the Delaware Valley region of Pennsylvania, our past success can serve as a model (i.e. case study) for fleets today and tomorrow. 

Read about our Case Studies and Workshops  


Our impressive list of Stakeholders sustains our ability to achieve our mission year-round.  


Our success is rooted in a deep knowledge of alternative fuel vehicles and technologies. Educate yourself with the resources provided on this website, or let us answer your questions. 

Feeling Inspired?

If you like what you see, there are many ways for you to get involved with our work and cause. 

Sustaining Level Stakeholders

AQUA America  Clean Citiesdvrpc  Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce 
PECOPA DEP    UPS Zarwin Baum


Eastern Pennsylvania Alliance for Clean Transportation
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