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July 2020 News & Events

Mark Your Calendar for EP-ACT & Ingevity's Absorbed Natural Gas Webinar on August 20

ANG technology enables the use of low-pressure natural gas fuel tanks, which enables the use of a small, low-cost fueling appliance that can effectively support a private fueling operating model. PGW and PECO will also be on hand to answer any questions pertaining to natural gas.  EP-ACT will present available funding opportunities, and initiatives available and facilitate this interactive presentation.  We hope you will register for this member focused webinar!

AAA Mid-Atlantic Breaks Ground on First CNG Fueling Station

EP-ACT Stakeholder AAA Mid-Atlantic announced the July 28 groundbreaking of a time-fill CNG (compressed natural gas) fueling station for their Philadelphia Fleet Depot. The station is slated for completion by the end of this year. When completed, it will handle their 23 CNG battery trucks via 12 time-fill hoses. Congratulations AAA! 

Congratulations EP-ACT AFIG Awardees

On July 20, the Department of Environmental Protection announced the award of more than $2.1 million in 2019 Alternative Fuel Incentive Grants to 18 cleaner fuel vehicle projects statewide that will help improve air quality and public health and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to address climate change.

Three EP-ACT stakeholders were awarded funding, including Radnor Township School District, UPS and AAA, Congratulations!

DC Fast Charging and Hydrogen Fueling Grant Program Now Open

Approximately $10 million is being allocated over a 5-year period to fund a competitive grant program for acquisition, installation, operation and maintenance of electric vehicle (EV) fast charging equipment and hydrogen fuel cell vehicle supply equipment. This grant program is designed to assist with the installation or expansion of strategically significant zero emission vehicle (ZEV) fueling projects.  Please share your project ideas! Deadline September 4.

Apply Now for Driving PA Forward!

Eastern Tennessee Awarded DOE Funding for DRIVE Program

The Eastern Tennessee Clean Fuels Coalition was recently awarded $1.8 million to substantially increase electric vehicle (EV) adoption rates across consumer and fleet markets in 14 states. Developing Replicable, Innovative Variants for Engagement (DRIVE) creates a partnership to attack interrelated market barriers through expanded marketing and education programs at the state, regional, utility and local level.  As a project partner, EP-ACT looks forward to working with our coalition to support this initiative and congratulates the Eastern Tennessee Clean Fuels Coalition for this exciting award!

PA Electric Vehicle Policy Bootcamp

Electrification Coalition

August 6, 2020 from 10:00am - 12:15pm

Please join the Electrification Coalition (the EC) for a Pennsylvania specific electric vehicle (EV) Policy Bootcamp to understand the wide ranging benefits of deploying EVs on a mass scale across Pennsylvania, to learn where the market and technology are headed and to hear how you can play a part in the acceleration! 

DVRPC Annual Work Program

Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission

August 6, 2020 - Socializing Sign-on @ 5:30pm Meeting begins at 6:00pm 

The Annual Work Program determines planning projects and mandated activities that DVRPC staff will undertake in a fiscal year. Come ready to learn, engage, and discuss your ideas about what planning projects and studies we should consider today in order to build the region we want and need in the future.

Office: 215-990-8200  Address: 1900 Market St. 8th Floor Philadelphia PA 19103