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New NGV Technology Deployed by CNG Committed PA Beverage Distributor

Thu, February 26, 2015 3:00 PM | Deleted user

A growing trend is emerging.  Companies are realizing the huge potential for fuel savings of high mileage fleets by switching from gasoline or diesel to compressed natural gas (CNG).  Pennsylvania companies are trailblazing this cost-effective effort using state-of-the-art new transportation technology.

One such fleet, beverage distributor LT Verrastro located in Old Forge, PA, is purchasing thirty-five natural gas vehicles (NGVs) new to market.  The CNG powered Peterbilt 337 trucks sporting a Cummins Westport engine have only been available since December, and the bi-fuel Nissan NV 1500 vans employ newly designed cylinders from Pennsylvania's CP Industries in an Alternative Fuel Solutions engine controlled by an intelligent Zavoli fuel injection system.

In addition, LT Verrastro is expanding CNG infrastructure.  Air & Gas Technologies will complete building a limited public access fueling station in Old Forge, PA, with both time and fast fill capability, by summertime. 

For more information, read on at: http://www.fleetsandfuels.com/fuels/cng/2015/02/lt-verrastro-commits-to-cng/

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