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The objective of the project is to advance sustainability in construction operations by successfully demonstrating and deploying electric construction vehicles. The project aims to replace traditional internal combustion engine-powered construction vehicles with clean, electric alternatives, highlighting their efficiency, effectiveness, and environmental benefits. The primary goal is to achieve a significant impact in greenhouse gas emissions, noise pollution, and dependence on fossil fuels, contributing to PennDOT's commitment to environmental stewardship. To measure the success of the project, specific requirements will be met, including achieving an increased efficiency, demonstrating energy density, and highlighting an impact in emissions in comparison to conventional diesel-powered construction vehicles. By accomplishing these objectives, the project will establish electric construction vehicles as a viable and practical alternative, thus fostering a sustainable future for construction operations in Pennsylvania and around the Country.


The project will be conducted over the course of three budget periods to ensure a systematic and effective approach to achieving its objectives:

  • Budget Period 1:
    • During the first budget period, the project team will identify use cases and requirements and conduct thorough research to identify suitable all-electric construction vehicles that align with PennDOT's requirements and project objectives. This period will also involve evaluating various electric vehicle options available in the market and selecting the most appropriate ones for further deployment.

  • Budget Period 2
    • In the second budget period, the project team will proceed with planning and procuring the selected electric construction vehicles and preparing them for deployment. This phase will involve providing comprehensive training to PennDOT personnel on the operation and maintenance of these electric construction vehicles. Additionally, operations and maintenance activities will commence during this period, including the deployment of electric construction vehicles in various use cases and weather conditions across different regions of Pennsylvania.
  • Budget Period 3
    • The final budget period will focus on sustaining the operations and maintenance of the electric construction vehicles, including rigorous monitoring and data collection on their performance. This period will allow for a more extensive evaluation of their efficiency, effectiveness, and environmental impacts. Simultaneously, the project team will develop a comprehensive final report documenting the project's outcomes, learnings, and best practices. Moreover, replicability toolkits will be developed to enable other communities to adopt similar initiatives and promote broader market transformation.
  • Overall Process
    • Throughout all budget periods, the project team will conduct regular briefings and technical presentations to share project progress, findings, and insights with communities, stakeholders, promoting knowledge dissemination and fostering collaboration among key partners. This project's scope aims toa ccelerate the adoption of electric setor in Pennsylvania and the country.

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